Force Friday and Me

So, about Force Friday.  I personally didn’t want to get any Star Wars related stuff or toys that day.  I don’t collect the figures.  It was the books I was waiting for.  I have been reading everything Star Wars I could get a hold of since I discovered the Thrawn trilogy in my library about 10 years ago.  So when Force Friday came I was mostly waiting to get the audio book for “Aftermath”.  As soon as I could download that audio book I did.

Every nugget and tidbit that is released about Star Wars is special to me.  I am avoiding movie plot spoilers though.  I have just finished listening the audio book of “Star Wars Aftermath” and I loved it.  I was touched by the new characters and excited to get a taste of our old favorites.  I am reading, on my Kindle, the three young adult books (“The Weapon of a Jedi, “Moving Target” and “Smugglers Run”) starting with “Moving Target:A Princess Leah Adventure”.  I will be getting the audio book for ‘Lost Stars” in October when I have a new monthly download credit at Audible.  I really enjoy the audio books.  My favorite reader for Star Wars Books is Mark Thompson.  He has a way of channeling the Star Wars characters and bringing the book to life in my head.  I am so glad he is still on board for the new cannon.  I finished “Tarkin”, “Lords of The Sith” and “A New Dawn” quite a while ago and they just made me hungry for more.  I have also been keeping up with the new comic books.  There are several people on YouTube who create great audio book type videos for the comic books.  I have not had to buy a single comic book subscription.

I did get a toy on Force Friday.  My husband, who was so sweet, came home from work that day with a Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon and a clone wars holocron game.  I have to admit that I have been wanting the Star Wars Hot Wheels.  I saw an ad for them and thought they were so cool with little finger holder to make them fly through the air.  I was so excited to get that toy, it made me feel more a part of the special day.

My husband is away on business this week and recently Skyped with us and revealed that he had bought the Hot Wheels First Order Tie Fighter and X Wing because he saw how excited I was over the little Millennium Falcon toy.  I think this means I have begin collecting Star Wars toys…..Why am I so excited!?  I am so excited!

My 19 year old daughter is into collecting the Funko Pops and has quite a few of the new characters that she bought after Force Friday.  The first pop in her collection is the extra  special one I got her from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, the Princess Leah from A New Hope.


My daughter Funko Pop collection to date.

Recently my daughter lamented that she didn’t want anymore responsibilities, she just wanted December 18th to get here.  I can relate, but I’m thinking that the Journey to The Force Awakens is going to be more memorable, if not just as memorable as the first time we all see the movie.  Never in my lifetime has there been such an anticipation, such a measured, masterful and ingenious trickle of information about a Star Wars movie.  And no matter how small or trivial, we fans are all reduced to tears.  This is our beloved Star Wars, returned home, just as Han Solo says in the teaser.  What is even more exciting is that it’s not over any time soon.  I heard that some people were disappointed in the lack of merchandise on Force Friday.  I can’t help but wonder if this was a calculated move by the Star Wars folks.  Because when this movie hits the theaters, before Christmas, I believe there will be more than enough Star Wars stuff on the shelves.  I can just hear Oprah saying “You get some Star Wars, you get some Star Wars…..everybody gets some Star Wars!”


May the Force be with you

Red 5 Mom


My Hot Wheel’s Millennium Falcon looks like its flying in this little YouTube video I posted.