The Force Awakens Newcomer – Kylo Ren – Bad Boy

I was 16 in the summer of 1977 when I saw Star Wars for the first.  When Luke Skywalker looked out over the sands of Tatooine, while the twins suns were setting and John Williams score swelled up, I fell hard.  I was going to marry Luke Skywalker.  I have been a Star Wars fan of various degrees ever since.  But never more so than after I learned about Episode VII.  The Force was awakening and so was my sleeping Star Wars fan heart

Now 38 years later, when I thought there would never be any more new Star Wars on the big screen, the countdown to The Force Awakens is 38 days.  I can barely contain my excitement.

My journey to The Force Awakens has been a most enjoyable experience and one I will always remember. I first learned about Episode VII when I saw the teaser on YouTube, around Thanksgiving 2014.  When it said, “There’s been an awakening.”  it was true for me as a Star Wars fan.  Since then I have read most of the new ‘cannon’ books and the comic books.  But let me also say I have read most of the EU, now ‘Legends’, books as well.  I have listened to countless Star Wars related podcasts.  I attend my first Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this past April.  I made a formal Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian, costume and joined the Rebel Legion.  I have watched all the Clone Wars cartoon episodes.  I have watched all the Star Wars Rebels cartoon episodes.  I have watched all the teasers & trailers and Comicon behind the scenes footage countless times.  I joined twitter and started a blog just so I could interact with Star Wars fans all over the world.  So often during this immersive and almost obsessive behavior, I have shed the tears of joy that so many fans have shed because my beloved Star Was is back.

Every tidbit of information has left me with more questions than answers.  I have tried to be spoiler free and look at only official information released by Lucasfilm.  At this point in time, I’m just ready for the movie now.  I have my tickets and I just want to see this movie, in all its glory, multiple times.

All the new and the old familiar characters intrigue and excite me.  I can’t wait to see what their place is and their stories are in the Star Wars universe.  I am most excited to see who Kylo Ren is and why he is obsessed with Darth Vader.  JJ Abrams has mentioned that he, like his weapon, is unstable.  Unstable is a chilling character description.  I am excited by his mask, his voice, and his spitting red lightsaber.  I want to know his back story. How did he get Vader’s melted mask? Who is in that gang of bad boys he hangs out with, those Knights of Ren. It is clear from the trailer that Kylo Ren is force sensitive, we see him use it to manipulate Poe Dameron in an obviously painful way.

I don’t believe he knows the truth about Darth Vader and his redemption by Luke.  He is out to finish Vader’s mission, to kill the last Jedi.  This is revealed in the recorded lines from a Kylo Ren toy.  I just know he will be a troubled young man who may find it hard to learn the truth about his dark lord idol.  It makes me sad to speculate that he could be related to one of our OT characters.  In real life, our own kids and grandkids don’t always turn out the way we thought they would. If Kylo Ren is a Skywalker or a Solo, his family has most assuredly struggled with his choices and who he has become.  Perhaps there will be redemption in his future as well?  We will know in 38 days!

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