Stots – AKA Storm Trooper on the Shelf

It’s Thanksgiving Day, 2015.  The turkey is in the oven and the pumpkin pies are baked, it’s time for a break and a quick blog post.

[actually I don’t think this will post till tonight]

Thanksgiving 2014 was a memorable time for Star Wars fans.  That November we got our first teaser, a taste, of The Force Awakens movie.  That was a time when there was an awakening in my dormant Star Wars fandom.

That holiday season I had been looking at Facebook posts featuring the “Elf on The Shelf”.  I decided I wanted to change it up a bit and do “The Storm Trooper on The Shelf”.  I didn’t have a storm trooper action figure, that’s right, I didn’t have a Star Wars action figure.  But a few Ebay searches later, a well-placed bid, and I was awaiting the arrival of Stots.  He was my first Star Wars action figure.

I had fun creating a few scenes with Mr. Stots and posted them on Facebook as well.  You can see the adventures of Stots during Christmas 2014 here. Stots and the holiday, 2014

That Christmas I received an email message from my oldest daughter. She had purchased tickets to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim.  She and I were going in April.  It was the best Christmas gift ever.  Of course Stots had to come along.  I did a few shots about his adventure at Celebration.  He and I both had a great time.  You can see those pictures here. Stots at Star Wars Celebration VII

Today begins the holiday adventures of Stots for 2015.  I hope you will check back often to see and share what Stots has been up to.  Get your own action figures into the holiday spirit and share the fun photos you take with me.  I’d love to see them.  May the Force be with you and Happy Thanksgiving!  Hugs from Red 5 Mom.


Today Stots reads the recipe for the pumpkin pie to my daughter.

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