The Force Awakens in Gingerbread

In my house, at Christmas time, it is a tradition to bake and decorate sugar and gingerbread cookies.  It started before I even got married and had kids.  In my 20s, I worked for a grocery store as a cake decorator. I was a self-taught icing artist (my name for it).  The cookies were my special handmade gifts for family and friends.  Even when my kids were very little I would make them a part of the process.  Over the years, we have changed and perfected our techniques.  The skills of my youngest daughter, age 19, have almost surpassed mine.  She always surprises me with her creativity and artistry.  My sons will participate sparingly and make one or two cookies.  The boys often make gingerbread zombies or gingerbread men with war wounds (they are such boys!) and then they lose interest.  As for my padawan daughter, I can say this…Once I was the master, now she knows all that she needs to know and she is taking her first steps into a larger world.

This is our cookie palooza for 2015.



My 12-year-old son’s creations. A Zombie and a super hero of unknown origin.








All the pretty little ponies










































Christmas 2015 was all about Star Wars.  It will always be remembered as the Star Wars Christmas.  The wrapping paper was Star Wars themed.  We had Star Wars ornaments on our Christmas tree.  We all received at least one Star Wars related gift.  Our focus and hope had been on the December 18th showing of The Force Awakens movie.

While we were decorating our cookies this year we first decided to create a cookie that looked like the droid, BB8.  You can find my blog post about making the BB8 sugar cookies here.   We then decided to style some gingerbread men to look like other characters in the movie.  These cookies were decorated using the same technique and materials as my BB8 cookies.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  May the Force be with you…always.


Check out our gingerbread man The Force Awakens cookie creations

Can you tell who is who?



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