May The Fourth – Star Wars Day – Easy Ways To Celebrate The Day

May the 4th is coming up.  What will you do to celebrate?  Will you wear a Star Wars shirt to work? If you are a big Star Wars fan you probably do that already.  Will you have a marathon movie watch party?  This year May the 4th falls on a weeknight so that might have to be saved for the weekend.  If you have children in the house who love Star Wars, what are you planning that will make the day special?  I put together a day’s worth of menu’s that are easy on skill, time and budget.  For about $180 you can create a day’s worth of Star Wars themed meals that will feed a family of 5 or 6.  Simply name the food items after things in Star Wars and you make it special.  I bet you can come up with some better names than I did.  I did not add themed plates, napkins or decorations.  There is a lot out here to choose from so you could definitely add those things if you want to.


DSC_7812What kid (or even some adults?) wouldn’t like a bowl of Star Wars Cereal.  If you are a collector than the limited edition boxes are a must. The bonus to buying the General Mills Star Wars Cereal is the contest you can enter using the code on the inside of the box. Go to the Far Far Away Getaway Sweepstakes site and you can enter to win a trip to Star Wars Celebration London this summer!  Deadline for entries is May 23rd.

OK…back to May the 4th breakfast.  Put a little blue food coloring in the milk and you have Aunt Beru’s blue Milk.  Hey, Luke was raised on that milk and he became a Jedi.  Princess Leia Sticky Buns can be any cinnamon roll you choose.  I picked a mini type that looked like Leia’s hair style in A New Hope.  For the adults who need their coffee in the morning make it special on May the 4th with a Chewbaccaccino.  If you have a Keurig or a similar coffee machine it is easy to find a cappuccino flavor at the grocery store.  Put a Star Wars movie in the DVD player for the kids, then relax with your Princess Leia Sticky Buns, a Chewbaccaccino and a good Star Wars book.



Jabba The Hutt Pizza is for lunch and pizza always a favorite of kids and adults alike.  This one looks more adult flavored.  My kids always wanted pepperoni or just cheese.  You should definitely get what you like.  I chose a premade one from the grocery store deli and added black olives since I like lots of them on my pizza.


I added a salad to the lunch because….well…it’s good for you.  Greedo’s Green Salad is a spring mix pre-made and washed from the produce department. I added snap peas for crunch and carrot chips for a bit of orange color, just like Greedo’s orange vest.  I am going to assume that everyone loves Ranch Dressing but you use any dressing you like.  My Dagobah Dressing has just a little green food coloring added to Ranch Dressing.  Some adults like beer, some don’t.  Kids can’t have beer.  But I’m not going to assume that all my readers have kids.


Beer goes well with pizza.  But If you have kids then you need to get them what they like to drink.  Then come up with a clever Star Wars name, like Jawa Juice (Shesh, I can’t do everything).   I searched in my area, not very far either, and I could not find a Star Wars themed beer.  I know they are out there, I googled it.  Sadly there was none near me.  But I did find the Rebel Rouser IPA at my local store, it fits, I’m going with it.  I did not taste it, I don’t like most beer.  If you have tasted this beer then please leave a review in the comments.

No sweets….no desert after lunch?  Nope, sugar is the path to the dark side.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a little sugar now and then.  So read on and you will find the sweets after dinner.


May The 4th dinner menu is so easy and will please the whole family.  Han Solo Nerf Burgers are perfect for a pirate smuggler and his sidekick Wookie.  Just pick up some premade burgers from the meat section of your grocery store, or you can make your own if you have that kind of time.  Any bun will do, your preference.  Most kids are going to say no to lettuce, tomato, and onion on their burger, but you can add cheese and have lots of Ketchup.  There was never enough Katsup in the world when my kids were little.


Force Fries….they are just curly fries, but you can choose any brand and type of fries. For the drink we have Yoda Soda!  We found this drink on Pinterest and made it last year for May The 4th.  We liked it so much we decided to have it again this year, but I did not follow that recipe, I made up my own.  My Yoda Soda is Lime juice from frozen concentrate, lime margarita mix, and 7-Up.  I combined 1/3 of each over ice and topped with a couple scoops of lime sherbet…..Oh and a fru fru lime wedge garnish.

DSC_7869 DSC_7863 DSC_7870

Oh…Red 5 Mom, shame on you, Porkin’s Beans? Maybe it’s a good think that only one person could fit in an X-Wing fighter.  You can do these homemade or from a can, it’s up to you.  I’d open a can since I’d rather be playing Battlefront than cooking pork and beans from scratch.


May the 4th would not be complete without watching a Star Wars movie.  I made up some

Star Wars themed treats and movie food to go along with it.  Hey….look….behind the Edible Ewoks, my Original Trilogy VHS tapes, the unaltered versions.

Eating popcorn while you watch a movie, it’s the law.  I made Padawan Popcorn…OK, I made popcorn and put it in a cool Star Wars themed popcorn tub.  I found mine at Walmart. You can surely make up some microwave popcorn.  I actually like microwave popcorn, but once in a while I like to treat myself to popcorn made the way my dad used to make it.  The popcorn in the photo was made from scratch on the stove with plenty of melted butter on top.  Get some juice bottles in blue and red and rename them Jedi Juice or Sith Juice.  Which one will you choose?  The Edible Ewoks are just a mixture of chocolate flavored and gram flvored Teddy Gram cookies.


The Lightsabers are chocolate covered pretzel rods and are fun and easy to make.  Honestly, these were the only thing that took the longest to prepare.  They need a few hours for the melted chocolate to dry and then they are ready to eat.  Just so you know, the dark side has chocolate.  You can go here to see how I made these.


While the kids are enjoying their Sith or Jedi juice I picked out a couple of fun adult drinks for the grownups to celebrate with.  I broused through Pinterest and found two I wanted to make and try for you.  Raise your glass to the light side or the dark side with the Jedi Lightsaber or the Kylo Ren


I could not believe how expensive dry ice is!  The dry ice was the most expensive single item for our test of this Star Wars themed cocktail. $10.00 dollars! But boy it was fun to make and drink.  OK…I had like two sips, I don’t imbibe much….I’m a total lightweight.  This was a fun drink to make and photograph, but I was not in love with the taste.

2 oz. light Rum

1 oz. Blue Curacao (for blue)

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

1 Shot Clear Soda (Sprite or 7up)

Small piece of dry ice (handle carefully and with gloves)


Directions: Mix all ingredients except for the soda in a cocktail shaker. Strain into martini glass and top with a splash of soda.  Add a small piece of dry ice, serve.



The Kylo Ren was yummy.  Oh, the dark side is so inviting.  I was feeling a bit tipsy after I drank half of one of these, but I had to test it for you.  Sigh…the things I do for Star Wars.

3 oz. Tequila

1 oz. Grenadine

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

3 oz. Margarita mix

1oz. Cranberry Juice

Simple Syrup

Black Sanding sugar

Directions:  Pour the simple syrup onto a small plate. Using another small plate, pour the black sanding sugar on it. Dip the tumbler glass rim into the simple syrup and then in the sanding sugar. Allow to dry for 1 minute. Fill each glass with ice 3/4 of the way full. Into the glass, pour the tequila and grenadine. Swirl or stir to combine. Top off the cocktail with the margarita mix, cranberry juice, and lime juice.



I hope you have a wonderful May the 4th.  Please share with me how you celebrated the day.  Let me know if you used or tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to hear about all the fun you have.

Happy May The 4th! And

May the Force be with you…always

Hugs, Red5Mom


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