My Journey to Star Wars Celebration VII – #1

May 25th 2015, the sale of  tickets for Star Wars Celebration VII shut down the internet like ticket sales for The Force Awakens movie.  The $700 VIP tickets are already sold out, the word is they were snatched up in the first few minutes! I thought I had more time to save for this. The 4-day adult tickets are $150 per person. There is also a check out que. It’s not likely that Red5Mom will be at Celebration Orlando, in spite of my adamant talk. I thought I had more time to save, but recent car issues sucked up our savings like a hungry sarlac.

Oh well…I’m going to take out my frustrations on rebel scum and bucket heads in Battlefront.  But, I still have the memories of Celebration VII in Anaheim to look back on.  This is the first post in a series chronicling my journey to, and at, my first Star Wars Celebration in 2015.

I don’t remember when I  heard about the Disney purchase of Lucas Film but I remember being very excited.  This news meant that there would definitely be more and new Star Wars.  The actual announcement happened on October 30th, 2012. In 2013 I heard of JJ Abrams becoming the Director and the return of the heroes of my youth.  I loved what JJ did with another geek passion of mine, Star Trek.

On November 28, 2014, Lucasfilm released an 88-second teaser trailer to promote The Force Awakens. I could not contain my excitement after I watched it on YouTube.  I was laughing, I was crying, my kids were rolling their eyes. As soon as I hear the words “There’s been and Awakening…”  That’s exactly what happened to my dormant Star Wars fandom. After Revenge of the Sith we all knew there would not be any more new Star Wars movies.   Life and the knowledge that it was over had put my passion for Star Wars on the back burner.  I was busy being a wife and mother. The only Star Wars related passion I had was reading the EU books.

I just got goose bumps watching this again.  After this teaser came out there was an Awakening in my heart for a dormant passion and love.  I watched it countless times, then I watched the reaction videos of other fans, sometimes these were more moving to me than the actual trailer.  I was slowly discovering that there was a community of Star Wars fans that I could connect with.

I began to browse Youtube for other Star Wars stuff.  I happened upon a video about Star Wars Celebration VI.  This was when I learned that there have been fan conventions, dedicated to just Star Wars, since 1999!  I had no idea about this, I felt like I had been living under a geek rock.  Below is the very video that started me on an unforgettable journey to Star Wars Celebration.

“Star Wars CELEBRATION VI in HD” was created by David Mattox in 2012 he put the tag line in the video description “…and you thought it was just a movie.”  (please subscribe to this wonderful artist).  I remember being choked up as I watched this video.  My heart was so full and happy, I had to go to the next one.  I did a google search for when and where the next Celebration would be.  Now, keep in mind that this was early December 2014 and I live in Virginia.  I located the website for Star Wars Celebration VII and saw that is was going to be in Anaheim California, April 16 – 19 2015.   I wanted to go this so badly it hurt.  California was a long way away, the cost was going to be a lot.  How much you say?  I got out my calculator to run what-if scenarios; tickets, hotel, round trip flight, rental car, food, souvenirs =  I came up with an estimated amount of $5,000 to get just me out to that convention…..


Tune in next week to find out what happens next.

May the Force be with you…always, hugs Red5Mom

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