Star Trek Is 50 Years Old!?


I am not a purist geek.  My passions are focused on Star Wars right now, but I enjoy lots of different geeky things.  Before there was Star Wars, there was Star Trek.  Before I fell in love with Luke Skywalker, I was in love with Captain Kirk, then came Super Man, then Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica.  Give me a break, I was a teenage girl.

We could watch the rerun episodes of Star Trek after school.  My sister and I were obsessed with it and watched it almost every day.  In fact, the first geek convention I ever went to was Star Con in 1983 in Denver Colorado.

One fine day, my sister and I decided to write down a list of all the episodes we could remember.  This list was compiled from our brains.  It was 1970 something and there was no Google or Wikipedia to help us get them right. We could not remember the actual titles, just the plots for the most part, and I don’t know if we even remembered them all.

According to the Star Trek TOS Wiki there were 80 episodes  Our list goes to 78, so we were pretty close. I am creating the list below, written exactly as I wrote it over 40 years ago, bad grammar and spelling included. (OK, so after typing out the list I decided to fix the spelling and grammar.  The wording is funny on it’s own).  I challenge you to match my list to an actual episode title, or not.  Just wanted to share this bit of geek history from my geeky life. What was you favorite Star Trek The Original Series Episode ?  Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @Red5Mom  – Hugs, and live long and prosper.

P.S. My favorite episode was #45 on my list below.


  1. Woman wants to be Kirk
  2. Steal cloaking device
  3. Mirror Mirror
  4. Lazarus
  5. Tholen Web
  6. Android Woman – ?Rock?
  7. Cloning Kirk
  8. Tribbles
  9. Two Kirks Enemy Within
  10. Children Friendly Angel
  11. Mirie
  12. Get Old
  13. Pike
  14. Pike
  15. Charle
  16. Planet that is a ship – McCoy
  17. City on edge of forever (Joan C.)
  18. Amusement planet
  19. Cubes, Aliens
  20. Amoebas on Spock’s Back
  21. Big Amoeba  – eat space
  22. Big Horn – eat space
  23. Nomad
  24. Landrieu
  25. Salt Monster
  26. Horta
  27. Lady With Tears
  28. Spock’s Puberty
  29. OK Corral
  30. Jack the Ripper one
  31. Scotty in love – pressure chamber
  32. Space Seed – Khan
  33. Spores – Spock in love
  34. McCoy and Tier Baby
  35. Romulan one, fighting Blow up
  36. Spy one #7
  37. Air Force pilot
  38. Library – Ice Age
  39. Rock – Lincoln
  40. Shuttle 8 Cave men
  41. Cloud City Nomad miners
  42. Unadvanced people war
  43. Brains into Bodies – globes
  44. Spock’s Brain
  45. Indians – Kirk married
  46. Crazy – planet Green lady
  47. Brain machine penal colony
  48. Baroque guy
  49. Tranya (You know it “This is Tranya, I hope you relish it as much as I.”)
  50. Telepathic lady – McCoy
  51. Witch lady – Ball
  52. Killed Phinney
  53. Shakespeare players
  54. Val, planet dragon
  55. Entity makes them fight Klingons
  56. Gorn
  57. Hippies
  58. Black & White guys
  59. Journey to Babel
  60. Greek people Plutonians
  61. Giant Apollo
  62. Red Stuff – Naked Time
  63. The Medusan
  64. Radiation, eyes silver
  65. Computer Wars
  66. Collars fight for people
  67. Mudd’s Women
  68. Mudds Planet
  69. Roman empire gladatior TV show
  70. Natzis
  71. Gangsters
  72. People who don’t read Pledge of Allegiance Right
  73. People in another time dimension – Bugs
  74. Girl kidnaps Kirk to get sick
  75. Blob of light – Shuttle one
  76. Cloud that suck all blood cells
  77. Computer lady that folds up
  78. Computer takes over Kirk’s job – M-5


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