I am a wife, mother of 4, preschool teacher, photographer and an old-riginal fan of Star Wars.

Rogue One Soundtrack – It’s Not John Williams, But That’s OK Kids

I never thought that my first blog post about Rogue One, A Star Wars Story would be about the soundtrack.  In fact, I have a post about the movie in the works.  In a nutshell, I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!.  That said, I have been hearing others say they did not like the soundtrack.  And after listening to just half of […]

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Cooking Star Wars – What Is Aunt Beru Feeding Luke and Owen?

      Even as a teen watching Star Wars for the first time I was fascinated with Aunt Beru’s kitchen and what she could be cooking in that futuristic pressure cooker thingy.  Tatooine looks like a hot, dry, sandy desert planet and Beru’s kitchen was white, bright and clean. How did she keep it like that?  There were lots […]

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What Star Wars Has Taught Me

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week.  May the 4th, Star Wars Day, also happens this week.  Yesterday I learned of #TeachMeYouDid.  In it’s own words it “is an invitation for everyone to tell the story about a teacher or mentor in their lives who woke the Force up in them.”  I encourage everyone to participate in this. […]

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How to Make Lightsaber Pretzel Rod Treats

We made these for May The 4th for the last two years.  They are actually pretty easy.     Use any brand of large pretzel rods for the base.                   For the blue lightsaber melt some bakers white chocolate in the microwave according to directions on the package. Follow the same for the red […]

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