Stots at Star Wars Celebration VII

In April 2015, I took Stots (Storm Trooper on the shelf) to Star Wars Celebration VII.  It was a magical time for us both.  It was our first Celebration experience.  We are hooked and will definitely be going to the next stateside Celebration.  I did not take my Nikon to the convention.  I didn’t want to go as a photographer, I wanted to go as a fan.  I knew that if I took my camera I would spend too much time behind the lens and miss out on so much.  These photos were taken with my phone.


Stots in his travel pocket in a custom, Star Wars themed messenger type bag I made. I call it my Con bag









Can you see Stots in his travel pocket around my shoulder? Stop looking at Luke for just one second.




Hey…isn’t this the droid we’re looking for?


Stots and his lego Star Destroyer. He is so proud of it.


Stots came upon a bin of his brothers in arms. Hey, you guys!


Over here! Stots is waving to our friend Dennis who is looking for us when we were waiting in line to get Chewbacca’s (Peter Mayhew’s) autograph.


Stots is enjoying a Chewbacca Starbucks drink during a break from walking the floor at SW Celebration.



Stots finds his big brother!


Stots is finding his groove at the SW Celebration dance party


Stots finds a rebel at the night club. He is having too much fun to turn her into the Empire.


Stots is not understanding how Roxy is so popular. That’s a Rancor for frack sake!


Stots can’t handle the fact the Star Wars Celebration is over. He is distraught and overcome.



Weeks after returning home from SW Celebration VII, Stots is having a hard time.